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Download Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival 1

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is the second spin-off game of the Animal Crossing series and was released in Nov 2015. It got mixed reviews from critics. In this game, there are eight amiibo cartoons and three amiibo cards. The main theme of the game is the same but there is a change in the environment according to the player’s selection of the month. The player can help the other animals to make their raft for going to another island before the given time runs out.

The player can enjoy different activities like going to a desert island, enjoying the bunny day and taking part in fishing contests. You can use an amiibo card to ask your friends for a party in your room. Because amiibo functions differently in every game so you can visit to get the information about its functionality.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

This is the series in which you can party with your friends and villagers. You can use your amiibo to have some fun. You have to select board as it is available in the normal Animal Crossing series with different real-life months or you can use your amiibo to plan a visit to a desert island. It is time to interact with other villagers, make them happy and arrange parties.

The eight amiibo cartoons have different personal characteristics. You can spend time with Tom Nook, Isabelle and other characters of the game. Up to four players can play and use their amiibos to open the mini-games. You can also design and build houses for other villagers to improve the standard of plaza and town. All characters gather at the place called plaza. As you keep on playing new games and features appear. You can control the game by touching the screen of your GamePad. When you are playing the game successfully you are earning “happy points” and “happy ticket”. The player can use happy points for changing the dresses of characters.


You can visit the whole town and enjoy different events related to seasons. As you progress in the game you will experience new months. Try to earn more bells and happy points when moving to a new space.



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