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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer was launched on Sept 24, 2015. It is the first spin-off game of Animal Crossing. As it is the part of the Animal Crossing series that the player decorates his house but in this game there is an addition. And that addition is that he can design the houses of other favorite villagers.

There is no restriction, you can build a house for new or old hundreds of villagers by using your creativity and is allowed to decorate the indoors and outdoors. The outdoor furniture is added in this game to help the player in his outdoor decoration. Moreover the player can use new amiibo cards to call his favorite villagers in the game. Amiibo cards is a new character added in this series.

Happy Home Designer

The player can leave his decorated design on any public building like hospitals and schools. If you are in the mood of a party, use the amiibo cards and call four of your friends to your room. Using the amiibo cards, you can call those characters easily that are not otherwise appearing in the game.

As time is spending the responsibilities increase in the game. Then you have to design the wall or arrange the whole garden with your creative designs. In this series, the player is free to show his creativity in designing but there is only one limitation and that is the small size of the room but animals’ requested themes help you a lot to show your creativity. Along with Isabelle you can go to public places like hospitals to decorate them. And you must design the town according to your will.

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The residents of the village don’t talk to the player. You can’t even shop or take a coffee. That is a game with no friends, no collection of different things only you can do is to build the houses and decorate them. So it is a bit unidirectional play.

There is a new character incorporated in the game: Lottie. He is helping the player in building the houses and designing them. If the player is making the house without the requested items then his house will not be accepted.



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