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Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in Japan in Nov 2012 and in June 2013 in Europe and other countries. It is the fourth series of Animal Crossing game and received positive reviews from critics.

In this game the player is considered mayor mistakenly by the villagers. So as the player enters the town, he is given an extra protocol. So he can enjoy living there by visiting the whole town, catching bugs and fishing. He interacts with other villagers. Only that villager can become a mayor who registers a save file on every copy of the game while players with succeeding save files will play only as a villager.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

In this series, the player starts the game by living in a tent instead of a house which is then upgraded. There is an added feature in this series and that is hanging the furniture on walls. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has designated the player as mayor so he has to fulfill his responsibilities. He has two main responsibilities: Public Works Projects and Ordinances. According to Public Works Project, the player collects funds from villagers and new visitors and with this fund he does social work like he makes fountains, light poles, cafes, police stations and bridges. And according to Ordinance facility he makes laws. He can also ask the villagers to plant new plants, open the shops earlier or later. He put his efforts to make his town wealthy.

Players can visit other players’ village when playing online. In this series, the player can make designs of his clothes with the help of a machine in Able Sisters’ shop and that designs can be downloaded by other players.


Play coins are available that are used to buy fortune cookies that can be exchanged to get some exciting prices. The player gets a new assistant in this series named Isabelle that is a dog. There are two other new characters in this game: deer and hamsters. A club named “Club LOL” is owned by Dr. Shrunk who is a comedian. The next day of paying the house loan player can visit another village.



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