Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released on October 25, 2017 in Australia and on November 21, 2017 worldwide. In this game, the same format of Animal Crossing is repeated with a little bit of change. It is the spin-off game series of Animal Crossing. This game can be played using Apple phones, iPads, and Android phones as well as on your computers. Till this March, 1.3 million installs are is free and can easily be downloaded.

How to Play

Once you select a name for your avatar then it’s impossible to change it so before starting the game, choose your name wisely. And the same is for gender. Gender cannot be changed once selected. The player can add friends by 11 digit- Friend Codes. The maximum friends a player can have are till 100.

In this game, the players live an urban life and they decorate their campsite. The player cannot expand his campsite. The player has to collect different items like cotton and wood and then he exchanges these goods for buying furniture and other stuff of decoration. The player is allowed to visit different locations like seashores, islands and marketplaces where he can buy his clothes and furniture. The player can change his hairstyle, facial traits according to gender.

In this game the relationship with other villagers depends on everyday conversation and tasks accomplished. When the player completes the tasks then he is awarded furniture and clothing. Neighbors give some crafting materials to the player when he completes requests that he can use to exchange them with furniture. The player can keep furniture of villagers’ interest at the campsite to attract them. There are 158 villagers currently in this game series. All the villagers are so friendly.

The game currency is Leaf Tickets. The player can get Leaf Tickets by completing the task. He can use it for buying special furniture for specific events. Some features are the same as they were in the previous series. The player collects different items and then he can exchange these items for buying tools for different activities like fishing and collecting insects.


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